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A Short History of Gower

Are you doing some research on new interesting places to visit around the world? We have a recommendation for you: the Gower Peninsula. It is the first area of outstanding natural beauty in the UK, with so much to tell in terms of history and wildlife experiences. Let’s discover more about it.

Amazing Short History Facts

Gower is a peninsula located in the South of Wales. It projects westwards into the amazing Bristol Channel. Back in 1956, this place became the first area of the United Kingdom to be considered an area of great natural beauty. It has also been the scene of numerous important discoveries in the archeological world.

A complete human skeleton ranging from the Upper Paleolithic era was discovered right there in Paviland Cave back in 1823. This was also the first fossil of human type to ever be discovered. Moreover, it remains the oldest ceremonial burial in the entire Western Europe.

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Gower: The Perfect Holiday Location

In case you have never been to UK before, Gower is the perfect location to discover first. You will have a thrilling experience with escorts there just by visiting the main six castles in the area. Discover history at the right place this year and you will create some amazing memories with your glamorous companion.

Visit the Bovehill Castle and you shall have so much to explore. Continue your adventure by visiting the Oystermouth and Oxwich Castles and uncover even more about the area. Pennard, Penrice and Weobley Castles should also find place on your list of places to visit because this way you allow yourself the chance to enter new worlds of amazing discoveries. Offer yourself the chance to learn more about people living there and their historical roots.

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